**Delivery may be available for large orders during certain regular business hours, and is always available during non-business hours, please ask for availability ***

Want to earn some extra cash? We are trying to start delivering in the next couple months, and are trying to line up drivers. It will be easy work with very flexible hours. Please stop in for an application if you’re interested, even if you can only do a few hours a week. Must have a reliable car, insurance, and a decent driving record.

SPECIALS 7-24-14
XL 1-topping Pizza  $9
Buffalo Chicken Pizza  $7.50  $10  $12.50
10 Wings  $5.75
(mild, caribbean jerk, lemon pepper also available)
Garlic Bites or Cinnamon Bites  $2.50

5-6-7 Pizza Special (Monday-Wednesday)
Cheese Pizza (med) $5 (lg) $6 (xl) $7
Additional toppings extra

Everyday Specials
2 Large 1-topping Pizzas $15
2 XL 1-topping Pizzas $18
XL Cheese & 20 Wings $19.50
Large Cheese Pizza & 10 Wings $12.75

**Cannot combine specials or other offers**

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