CLOSED LABOR DAY for the holiday and to work on renovations. Hope everyone has good weekend. Planning to open 11am Tuesday. Stop in for some pizza tonight!

PIZZA SPECIALS (limited time offers)

Cheese Slice & Drink $3
10 Jumbo Wings $6.75
Try Caribbean Jerk or Lemon Pepper
Hawaiian Chicken Sub $5.50 $7.00

Grilled ham, chicken & pineapple
Ring of Fire $8.50

Large cheese steak with onion rings,
spicy bbq sauce, sweet & hot pepper

Garlic Bites or Cinnamon BitesĀ  $2.50

Everyday Specials
2 Large 1-topping Pizzas $15
2 XL 1-topping Pizzas $18
XL Cheese & 20 Wings $19.50
Large Cheese Pizza & 10 Wings $12.75

**Cannot combine specials or other offers**

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